Patient Testimonials for Dr. Ryan Stanton

Hip Augmentation/Liposuction I’ve always been very petite but as I’ve got older I’ve grown more insecure of my hip dips and I knew that no work out would fix it , I did my research for a long time and narrowed down my list to two drs and did a phone consult with both and I chose Dr Stanton because he was very well educated and top priority was natural looking and safest . It’s been exactly a month and my swelling has gone down quite a bit and I’m so happy I feel so confident!
Hip Implants with Dr. Stanton 🙂 I got custom hip implants with Dr. Stanton on the 19th of June. So far I’m pretty happy with the results. The implants are pretty big, but I think that they’re proportionate to my frame.
Butt Implants I have been contemplating butt implants for 5 years now. It has taken me until now to finally decide that it is a good option for me (exercise and diet unfortunately did not lead me to my desired results). I have had consultations with two other surgeons, however I feel Dr.Stanton is the best option for me based on his reviews, experience, and my goal. His price is slightly higher than my other quotes, but some things you DO NOT skimp out on. He quoted me $11,500 for implants. He said he feels 400cc-500cc would likely fit my butt best, unlikely 600cc but will not know until he measures. I am hoping for 500-600cc. I am going to call and make my deposit tomorrow, looking for a September surgery date (so I can still enjoy the summer without having to be minimized to what I am able to do).